Electric Bicycle – Is It Worth To Invest In This Kind of Transportation?

For people new to the world of electric bikes, it’s definitely intriguing to see one zip past on the streets. For owners of electric bicycle, it’s common for passersby or friends to ask the same question: is electric bicycle worth the hype? The short answer: yes.

For people interested in buying their first electric bicycle, you can most often find one in your price point. Plus, if you plan to use it for daily commuting or long-distance rides, the upfront investment will definitely save you money in the long run.

Costs vary largely between modes of transportation, standard bikes, and various electric bike models. If you’re looking into an electric bike specifically, prices can range from person to person, location, and lifestyle.

But studies have found that e-bikes are one of the most affordable options for motorized vehicles, like mopeds and electric cars.

Electric bikes are also huge money savers in comparison to subway fare or gas-guzzling vehicles.

For instance, an electric car typically gets 90 miles per gallon, whereas most e-bikes get around 2,000 mpg. For urban commuters, just think about how much you’d save on a daily trip to the grocery store!

 Additional Costs of Electric Bicycle

While electric bikes don’t include the regular fees associated with motor vehicle transport — insurance, gas, etc — there are other costs to take into consideration.

Like a road bike, you’ll want to get your electric bike checked out for maintenance once or twice a year to ensure all of the parts are working properly.

Your bike will also come with all of the necessary parts upfronts, and depending on your budget, any additional accessories are up to you.

The electric bike’s rechargeable battery is the single most expensive part of the bike, so it’s good to invest in a quality one and take proper care of it, avoiding extreme temperatures and charging it properly.

The good news is a lithium battery, most common in good electric bikes today like Ridel E-Bikes, lasts for 3-5 years, depending on how often you ride and you care for it.

Save Time, Save Money

If you’re still not sure if an electric bike is for you or if you’ll use it in the long-term, just remember that there is an upfront trend in favor of personal bikes versus cars or even city bikes.

City planners are mapping out the future of transportation to encourage sustainability, with an emphasis on more cycling and fewer cars on the road.

But one of the most important factors is time.

Electric bikes will save you a huge amount of time on a daily commute, whether stuck in traffic or waiting for a delayed subway train to arrive, all while getting exercise.

This found time means more hours in the day for the tasks you enjoy doing so you can run for fun, and at the end of the day still have money in your pocket.

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